Monthly Archives: July 2014

Skill day with a Bear!

Day 4 is upon us and you all have been kicking butt everyday! Keep it up!


A.  Skill


10 Minutes working on Kick up to a Handstand




B.  20 Minute Amrap


5 Pull Ups

15 AbMat Sit-Ups

20m Bear Crawl


Score is amount of rounds completed



Old Fashion Hard Work!

A. 5×5 Back Squat AHAP (as heavy as possible)


Rest 2 Minutes






B. 4x400m 

Rest 1:3




Nothing fancy about today’s programming, just old fashion, simple, hard work.


If you are feeling good go after a PR on the squats.  If not just find a nice heavy for the day. 


Day 1 in the books for CrossFit Saved!

Day 1 is done and we had quite a few people in here today, both for the World’s Best Boot Camp and for the CrossFit Program.


We are going to keep working hard to bring all of you better health and a stronger community!




Workout Of the Day



A.  5x max hand stand hold against wall

-Rest 2 mins



B.  4 rounds


2min on 4 min off


15 Russian Kb swings

15 Box Jump

Max Burpee in remaining time


Hey there crossfitters!


Today marks the first official day of CrossFit Saved!


We may be small now but growth is certain and we are excited to see our community grow one day at a time!


Here is the first official WOD!


A. Every Minute On the Minute for 15 Minutes
3 High Hang Cleans


(add 5# each minute if form permits)




B. 3 Rounds For Time
50 Double Unders
10 Deadlifts (body weight)
25 Push Ups


C. Max Effort Plank


Hit it hard and most of all have fun!