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Tuesday 9/30/14 Training Day



Brianne first day of CrossFit! Great Job Brianne!



Training Day



10 Minutes Clean Technique





2 Minute Max Ring Dips




Every Minute On The Minute For 20 Minutes



Even 5 Touch And Go Cleans


Odd 15 American Kettlebell Swings




2 Minute Max Ring Dips

Monday 9/29/14 Competition Day

5 Rounds For Time


10 Deadlifts


15 Pull-ups


400m Run

Friday 9/26/14 Training Day

Ran a little late on time so just the workout for you ladies and gents today.


Press and Squat




3 Rounds For Time


15 Hand Stand Push Ups


20 Box Jumps


40 Double Unders

Thursday 9/25/14 Mental Toughness

Hey all you fit beats!


I know a lot of you (especially the women) talk about wanting to keep the hands looking nice… Well here are some techniques to help maintain and protect your hands from being too beat up and even from ripping… ENJOY!


Hand Treatment by CrossFit Invictus


Here are the CLIFFS


Step 1
Moisturize daily.


Step 2
Shave your calluses once a week.


Step 3
Pedi Egg time.



On to Today’s Programming!  Thursday is a mental toughness day… but not like the ones we have had in the past.  This workout has very short burst with a lot of effort.


The goal for this day is to give it all you can during the 90 seconds of work and really focus on lowering the heart rate/breathing during your rest times.


Each round is an ALL OUT EFFORT!




6 Cycles


90 seconds on 3 minute rest


5 Pull Ups


8 Clusters


Max Lateral Burpee Over The Bar

Wednesday 9/24/14 Competition Day

DISCLAIMER-SATURDAY 9/27/2014 ClASS IS CHANGED FROM 10AM TO 12PM (WBBC boot camp has graduation)


Check out this article that has some great simple wisdom to help you get the results you are looking for!


No B.S. keys to success


Common Goal #1: Lose Fat


Common Goal #2: Build Muscle & Get Stronger


Common Goal #3: Improve Endurance


Common Goal #4: Improve Athletic Skills


Common Goal #5: Increase Flexibility


Common Goal #6: Tone, Sculpt, or Firm Up



Competition WOD WOD


For Time

50 Wall Balls

30 Power Cleans

15 Muscle Ups

Tuesday 9/23/14 Training Day

Why we sprint here at CrossFit Saved…


Here are the cliffs from the article from Mark’s Daily Apple about why sprinting is so important… And especially for FAT LOSS!



1. It Preferentially burns body fat.


2. It’s anabolic (that means it can increase muscle mass and strength)


3. It’s even more anabolic in women than men


7. It’s more efficient than endurance training


8. It takes way less time than you think


13. It lowers blood pressure

For more of the science-y stuff behind sprinting take a look at the article it is really good!




Back Squats





Every 3 minutes for 8

200m run 


9/22/14 Monday Training Day

So I know it can get tough at times to stick to the paleo lifestyle…  So I am going to be giving you guys some simple tips/tricks to help you on your journey.


Paleo Motivation: click the link for the full article but I will give a short summary of what is all says.


Motivation Step One: Write out all the reasons you’re paleo.



  • I’ll look better
  • I’ll be less self-critical
  • I’ll feel I’ve accomplished something major
  • I’ll feel better physically and mentally
  • I’ll like myself more
  • I’ll be happier when I look in the mirror
  • I’ll be more assertive
  • I’ll have more success in life
  • I’ll be in less pain
  • I’ll get better sleep
  • I’ll be more productive
  • I’ll have less anxiety
  • I’ll have more strength
  • I’ll be able to encourage and lead others
  • I’ll have more energy
  • I’ll have more self-confidence
  • I’ll feel more in control.
  • I’ll enjoy my family more
  • I’ll use my time better
  • I’ll be able to play with my kids
  • I’ll get off my meds
  • I’ll earn more money
  • I’ll have healthier children
  • I’ll be more patient with others


Motivation Step Two: Put your list somewhere easily accessible.


Motivation Step Three. Review the list at least twice a day.



Monday’s Training


Press 5,5,5+




5 Pull Ups


10 Push Jerks


15 Back Rack Lunges



Rest 5 Minutes





5 Pull Ups


10 Push Jerks


15 Back Rack Lunges


Week 4 Cycle 1

Here is next weeks overview…  I will also be posting the workout each day…



A bit of advice:



Set the days you want to come… Hold true to that… And see the results come!



Week 3 Cycle 1

Hey sorry this is getting to you a little late.  I have had problems uploading it.


Nonetheless here is this weeks programming.



Week 2 Cycle 1

Hey Friends…


Sorry I haven’t gotten a video up for this week.


My phone decided to die, so I am in the works on getting a new one.



As for this weeks programming.




We had a WOD with some Power Snatches and Bent Over Rows.


You all really impressed me with how good your form was.


Snatches are one of the toughest movements we will do in CrossFit and you made it look easy.





We have a nice short metcon with Deadlifts and some Cindy in it.





We are continuing are progression for Squats and Presses




This is our first Bring-A-Friend Day and we have a sweet little team workout

Expect some Running, Jumping, and Pushing!


Also this is 9/11 and we will be doing this workout in honor of the men and women who have served and fought for our freedoms.





Bring-A-Friend Day continues…

Everyone has seen Fight Gone Bad but what about Fight Gone Burpee.


Get ready its going to be fun!





Will be a surprise workout and you guys will play a part in choosing what that workout is!