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Friday 10/31/14 Training Day Holloween!



Hey CrossFitters!  Tomorrow is holloween and that means mandatory costume workout.  So if you are coming tomorrow… PUT ON YOUR COSTUME AND GET DOWN!  See y’all tomorrow.





Front Rack Position







3 Rounds


10 Front Squats

10 Push Press

15 box jumps

Thursday 10/30/14 Competition Day


Best way to learn the double under!

We will be doing this exactly in class tomorrow!





10 Minutes

Double Under Practice





5 Rounds


8 Deadlifts

1 Round Of Cindy

50 Double Unders

Wednesday 10/29/14 Training Day




Girls killin’ Nancy!






Squats & Press









10/28/14 Training Day



Fruits!!!  Once you have taken on the paleo lifestyle… 


Fruits become your candy… They are naturally sweet and tasty and can curb most any cravings.


So besides the taste… what is so good about fruits?


Vitamins and Antioxidants!! Thats what!


We are going to focus more on antioxidants since we have touched bases on vitamins in a past post.


Here is a short post on Marks Daily Apple that touches on antioxidants and is pretty funny!




If you didn’t take a look at the article basically molecules that are not paired to electrons…


And as a result they go around trying to join to different cells causing all sorts of problems.


The job of antioxidants is to block these molecules from causing any such damage.


As far as which fruits to choose from berries seem to have the most antioxidants.


Followed not too far behind by apples, plums, and pears.


Something we also want to take into account when it comes to fruits is…


We have to monitor how much we eat.


In moderation they are great with the ones listed above as your main choices.  


But as you get into some the others their glycemic load (amount of carbs/sugar) can be too high.


If you have a plate full of meat, veggies, and fat it will be hard to overeat on fruit.


So remember those 3 come before fruit and keep intake to 1-2 servings a meal…


And lean towards the fruits that are listed above!






10 Minutes Of Muscle Clean/Power Clean Review






15 Power Cleans 

10 Pull-Ups

200m Run

Monday 10/27/14 Competition Day

We are hitting a CrossFit favorite… Nancy!


She is going to text you metabolically but also see how strong you are in the midline.


This is also a bench mark that you are going to see from time to time….


So bring it and lets see how you do with your first confrontation with NANCY!


Here at some mobilizations to do to help you maintain good positions throughout the 5 rounds!




And here is a cool wod demo that the use to put out for each workout they posted.






5 Rounds For Time


400 Meter Run

15 Overhead Squats 95lbs

Friday 10/24/14 Training Day





10 Minute Review Split Jerk


Every Minute On The Minute X 10

1 Power Clean + 3 Push Jerk








6 Pull-Ups

9 Weight Squat Jumps

12 Push-Ups

15 Sit-Ups

Thursday 10/23/14 Mental Toughness




So we have gone from Meats to Vegetables and now we have Nuts and Seeds.  


But instead of nuts and seeds I am just going to call it fat.


And we want some fat…


Now I am not talking about the fat that accumulates on your body…


I am talking about…


Olive Oil


Coconut Oil


Fish Oil


Grass Fed Butter










…And the list goes on!


Fat has been given a pretty bad rap over the years.


And to be honest there is no real proof to why…


Here Mark Sission ( you care going to see a lot from him when it comes to diet and nutrition) goes into details on some of the myths that have been made about fat.


1.“Isn’t all that fat gonna glom onto your arteries?”

2.“Isn’t all that cholesterol gonna raise your cholesterol?”

3.“Isn’t all that fat gonna make you fat?”

4.“Where do you get your energy?”

5.“But isn’t fat totally free of nutrients? How do you get your vitamins if you’re eating all that fat?”

6.“Doesn’t the brain run on carbs, not fat?”

Read more:






4 Sets For Quality

8-10 Romanian Dealifts

Rest 60 Seconds

8-10 Ring Dips (Slow on decent)

Rest 60 Seconds





3 Rounds

800 Meter Run

Rest 90 Seconds

Wednesday 10/22/14 Training Day




Vegetables is our second piece we are going to touch on our road to a solid diet.


And just because it came second does not mean protein (meat, fowl, fish, eggs) is more important…I would consider these two EQUALS.


We have heard since we were kids…”Eat your vegetables, they are good for you.”


Normally that came with a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle without any kind of explanation.


So we walked around knowing that they were good for us but without understanding why.


I can remember sitting at my dads house for hours upon hours in a grudge match of stubbornness….


Telling my dad I am not going to eat my tomatoes…


And then the back and forth began…


Dad-Oh yes you are…you will be here all night if you don’t.


Me-well looks like we are going to be here all night then.


Time would pass…he would give in after seeing me pretend to try it and then spit it out on my plate (great visual I know!)


I bet many of you have similar stories…


So lets see what these vegetables actually have to offer.


Vegetables are low in calories and high in vitamins and minerals.


This gives us a lot of bang for our buck.


You are getting the nutrients your body needs to rebuild itself and to keep the immune system strong.


To compare what 4 cups of broccoli has to offer compared to a cup of rice.


4 Cups of broccoli-

120 calories

-24g of carbs

-566.9 IU of Vitamin A

-81.2mg  Vitamins C

-42mg Calcium,

-60mg Phosphorus

-286mg Potassium 


1 Cup of Brown Rice

-216 calories-45g carb

-19.5mg calcium

-162mg Phosphorus

-84mg Potassium


As you can see the calories are significantly higher, as are the carbs…


And if you have every had 4 cups of broccoli it is more difficult to eat than just 1 cup of rice.


When you have things like bread, rice, and grains in general…


You are getting a lot of calories and carbs for the amount of food you eat with very little in terms of vitamins and minerals.


I hope that is a good illustration of the benefits of vegetables vs the bottom of the USDA food pyramid which is grains, cereals, and pastas.


In this country we have had in backwards for quite some time now.


And as you begin to understand the implications that the food you eat has on your body….


It will begin to makes sense why disease has been on the rise over the last century.


We are getting away from what we were designed to eat.


And we (USA) are getting fatter and sicker because of it.


That kind of concludes it.


I know most of you wouldn’t argue that veggies are good for you…


So there is not much to say besides some illustrations.


If you are having a hard time implementing vegetables into your diet…
Here is a good article on little steps you can start to take to add more and more in.


How to eat more vegetables-Mark’s Daily Apple










Squat 3,3,3+





6 Pull-Ups

8 Air Squats

10 Hollow Rocks

Tuesday 10/21/14 Competition Day






The first part of the NUTRITIONAL pyramid is Meat, Fish, Fowl (birds, sorry Jair), Eggs. (Protein…or Brotein some may say)


All of these animals meat contain protein.


Lean proteins aid the body in many ways from building strong muscles, healthy bones, to even helping with immune function!


As CrossFitters we need protein for those exact reasons listed above…(strong muscles do not always mean big muscles WOMEN! but thats for another post)


We need to support all of our activity we do in and out of the gym…


And if we do not have strong bones and muscles to support that work load our bodies will begin to breakdown.


Each workout we push our bodies so they can become more efficient and capable…


But by doing that we break down our muscles and put stress on our central nervous system.


Now to rebuild those muscles fibers that get damaged we must consume protein that then breaks down into amino acids and repairs those muscles.


Now the question may arise… how much do I eat? or am I eating too much?


The good thing about protein is it is fairly hard to overeat it.


Our body has a way of self-regulating and when you have not eaten enough it craves it and when you have eaten enough it turns off that craving.


Also depending on your activity you can consume 15-50% of your daily calories from protein.


A good rule of thumb is to eat 1g of protein per pound of body weight.


So say you weight 150lbs you would eat 150g of proein/day.


So I leave you with this article by Mark Sission about whether you need more protein in your diet!


12 signs you need more protein








15 Minutes Review

-Muscle Clean





5 Rounds For Time

200 Meter Run

10 Cleans

15 Toes 2 Bar

Monday 10/20/14 Training Day

Be on the look out this week for our blog post covering NUTRITION.


I will be breaking down our diet prescription






Press 3,3,3+



4 Sets

Farmers Walk 100m Right & Left

Rest 60 Seconds

Max Burpees 60 Seconds

Rest 60 Seconds


Score Burpees