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Friday 11/28/14 Re-Test Week






No class on 11/27 Thursday-Thanksgiving

10am Only 11/28-29 Friday and Saturday



1 Rep Max Test!


It is here gang!


All of the squats and presses we did….


Now we get to see how much we have improved.


Couple of things I want you to focus on to help give you the best results possible for your testing.


Food…So we will be testing the day after Thanksgiving…


I am not going to tell you not to enjoy this time and be strict…


The only thing I ask is try to eat a balance of protein to carbs.


What does that look like?


Say you grab some mashed potatoes…grab a piece of meat also.


Know your going to be eating some dessert…have an extra piece of meat when you are eating the main meal(s).


If you are a snacker after too make sure you are eating some protein when you go to get extras.


Thanksgiving and most other holidays we eat an excess in carbohydrates so we want to try to balance that as much as possible.


Next thing…Class is at 10am…We only have 1 class that day and it would be great to have the whole group come in and test together.


We can achieve so much more when we have a group supporting and rooting each other on.


Make sure to grab something eat before…Preferably 2 hours before and be extra hydrated.


Drink lots of water on Thanksgiving and also the morning of.


Thats it for now and I will have Friday all planned out so you will just have to move the weight!


Have an amazing Thanksgiving with family and friends…we have so much to be thankful for!


I am thankful for all of you and thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey to health and fitness!


God Bless







In 20 Minutes

Find 1RM Squat


In 20 Minutes

Find 1RM Press

Monday 11/24/14 Re-Test Week


No class on 11/27 Thursday-Thanksgiving

10am Only 11/28-29 Friday and Saturday







We have just finished our 12 week cycle and we are now re-testing to see how much we have improved.


So come in ready.


Things to know:


Know what you scored last time on this workout.


-Know how you scaled it…What band did you use for pull ups, did you do knee push ups or not, etc.


If you wrote it down this will be the week of August 25-29


Weeks like this week is exactly why we bring our journals to class everyday.


To build health and fitness we need to be able to track where we have been and how far we have come.


If you haven’t been tracking….START.


It is never to late and we will have a new cycle starting so you will be able to be on top of it the next time around.


If you didn’t do Cindy the first time around thats ok….


It is always a great test and a good gauge at where you are in your health and fitness journey.


See you tomorrow…and lets have some fun!




Cycle 1 Re-Test






5 Pull Ups

10 Push Ups

15 Air Squats



Post score in the comments

Wednesday 11/26/14 Re-Test Week





No class on 11/27 Thursday-Thanksgiving

10am Only 11/28-29 Friday and Saturday



Hey gang!


We only have 3 days left of our re-testing week.  


So far we have had some big improvements from 12 weeks ago….




Your hard work has really paid off.


Next cycle starts January 12th and it is going to be a really fun cycle…


We will be having 1 or 2 challenges sprinkled in there…


So be ready for those and some cash prizes!


Thanksgiving is closing in…


Do you have a plan?  Eat everything,  only have dessert, only cheat on the main meal?


Whats the plan?


Lets here what you guys and gals have planned to continue to keep on making progress in your fitness!





For Time

Run 1 Mile



Look back to 8/27 to see how fast you ran a mile during testing week.


I am sure most of you have gotten quite a bit faster so lets come to class a little early…


Warm up the calves and hamstrings a little extra and smoke our times!

Tuesday 11/25/14 Re-Test Week



Brianna and Natalie smokin’ “Cindy”!




No class on 11/27 Thursday-Thanksgiving

10am Only 11/28-29 Friday and Saturday



December 6, 11am: Skill Clinic-Kipping Pull Up 



Hey gang…


Like yesterday (and the rest of the week) today is a testing day.


Not many of you did this one the first go around so it will be your first exposure to this exact workout….


However, we have spend quite a good bit of time doing cleans and more importantly getting a stronger squat…


Both of which are going to help you here.



For Time


30 Cleans



Advanced 135/95

Intermediate 100/65

Beginner 45-75/15-45



Advice approaching this workout:


In workouts like this that are usually under 5 minutes and definitely under 10 minutes…


The goal is to have a mini plan…


If you can grip it and rip it for 30 straight reps…good on ya’.


But if you know you are going to have to break it up….


Break it up before you reach your redline.


For some maybe thats 10, others 5, even 3…


Whatever it is figure it out before you start so you can have you best go at it.


Like i said….It is going to be fast so if/when you drop the bar don’t take too long before you are back on it for another set.


See ya soon!


Post load and time in comments!

Wednesday 11/19/14 Last BAF Day

Last day to bring a friend today.  Lets pack it out!






10 Wall Balls

8 Sit-Ups

6 Hang Power Cleans + Push Press

Tuesday 11/18/14 BAF Day

Day 2/3 of BAF days!


Remember also this Saturday November 22nd we are having a Thanksgiving Party at 5:30pm.


I will be sending out a list of things we need you guys to bring…


So be on the look out for that.









Partner Wod


10 Rounds For Time


15 Box Jumps

12 Hand Release Push Ups

9 Deadlifts


Partner Runs 200 while other works


Monday 11/17/14 BAF

Bring a friend day Monday through Wednesday.


Let all your friends know.






-Russian Kettlebell Swing







KB Complex

    -10 Goblet Squats

    -10 Russian KBS

    -5 L & R Presses

5 Pull Ups

50 Jump Rope


-Rest 3 Minutes-



Friday 11/14/14 Mental Toughness






5 Rounds


800M Run

3  Power Cleans (Heavy)

6 Pull-Ups

9 Burpees


Thursday 11/13/14 Training



Freedom Girls!!!





Squat & Press






10 Push-Ups

20 Lunges

Wednesday 11/12/14 Competition



4 Sets

6-8 Pull Ups X131

Rest 30s

10 Single Leg Deadlift 1131 (each leg)

Rest 1 Minute







Double Unders

Abmat Sit-Ups