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2021 CrossFit Saved Fall Challenge!

The 2021 CrossFit Saved Fall Challenge starts next Monday!

Below we are going to lay out the scoring, rules, and options.

This challenge is built around 3 pillars of health and fitness:



We will choose winners by improvement in body fat percent, lowest body fat percentage, weight lost, improvement in baseline workout, and points scored.


We will take winners from Male and Female athletes in the Most Improved Category…

And winners from Male and Female athletes in the Fittest Athlete Category.

Here is how you can score points!


Point 1 will be scored by eating the right amount of foods in 1 of the 2 options below.

The first option is the EARN YOU CARBS model

3 Meals Per Day

1-2 Palms of Protein

2 Handfuls of Vegetables

Add Fat

-1 Closed Fist of Nuts

-1/2 an Avocado

-1-2 Thumbs of a Healthy Oil or Nut Butter

In your Post Workout Meal 

Add 1-2 Handfuls of Fruit or Starch

If you are trying to maintain your weight and not lose weight during this challenge


In your Pre and Post Workout Meal

Add 1-2 Handfuls of Fruit or Starch

The Second Option is the Macro Tracking model

In this option you will need to download a macro tracker.

The best we’ve used is MyMacros, MyFitnessPal, or Fat Secret. Any one of these will do.

You will also need to buy a food scale to measure your food. 

Measuring in grams is the best option.

From here you need to find how many calories is right for your goal.

Multiply by your current bodyweight.

Lose Weight 

Bodyweight X 10 (if you don’t workout at all)

Bodyweight X 11 (if you workout 3 days per week)

Bodyweight X 12 (if you workout 5 days per week)

(every 5lbs lost re-adjust your numbers)

Maintain Weight

Bodyweight X 12 (if you don’t workout at all)

Bodyweight X 13 (if you workout 3 days per week)

Bodyweight X 14 (if you workout 5 days per week)

From here you will get your calorie amount that is right for your goal.

Next you need to find your macro nutrition break down.

We recommend as a good starting point:

30% Protein 

40% Carbohydrates

30% Fat 

To score a point here you will need to be within:

10 grams of protein (under or over)

100 calories (under or over)


Point 2 will be scored by eating the right types of food in each meal.

If a food is not on the list below it is considered off limits for the duration of this challenge.  If you eat a food from off this list you will not receive a point for the day for Food Quality



Point 3 will be scored by getting in a workout 5 days per week.  

You can only get points for working out for 5 days as we believe getting sufficient rest and recovery is important to perform at your best and continue to see results.

You must attend at least 3 CrossFit classes.

Other workouts that will get you a point.

-Anything that has you sweating for 30 minutes or more.


Point 4 will be scored by getting enough sleep for your body to be fully recovered for the next day.

7 hours is the minimum amount of time you must get of sleep each day to earn a point.

If you are in bed, lights out, electronics off, we will count that time as sleep once all of those criteria are met.

If you can get more sleep great, but 7 hours is all we are asking for to get your point!


Rules For Supplements

Supplements will be allowed for this challenge but can only be used around workouts.

For instance if you would like pre-workout before your workout or protein after you workout that is fine.  

However, having it any time outside of around your workout will count as a food quality violation and you will not get a point for food quality.

If you have any questions ask any of your coaches and they can help give you more guidance if needed!