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3/6/15 Friday CrossFit Open 15.2

Last week of Cycle 2…Let’s get ready to hit some PR’s!




March 6th, Friday- Friday Night Lights 15.2 6-8


March 7th, Saturday-WBBC Enlistment Day 9-11am


March 14th, Saturday-Food As Fuel Seminar 11-12:30pm


March 21st, Saturday-Snatch Clinic 11-12:30pm


March 28th, Saturday-Happy Hour Dinner at BJ’s



CrossFit Open Workout



3 minutes window

10 overhead squats

10 chest to bar pull up


3 minutes window

12 overhead squats

12 c2b pull up


3 minute window

14 overhead squats

14 c2b pull up


And so on…