Fruits!!!  Once you have taken on the paleo lifestyle… 


Fruits become your candy… They are naturally sweet and tasty and can curb most any cravings.


So besides the taste… what is so good about fruits?


Vitamins and Antioxidants!! Thats what!


We are going to focus more on antioxidants since we have touched bases on vitamins in a past post.


Here is a short post on Marks Daily Apple that touches on antioxidants and is pretty funny!




If you didn’t take a look at the article basically molecules that are not paired to electrons…


And as a result they go around trying to join to different cells causing all sorts of problems.


The job of antioxidants is to block these molecules from causing any such damage.


As far as which fruits to choose from berries seem to have the most antioxidants.


Followed not too far behind by apples, plums, and pears.


Something we also want to take into account when it comes to fruits is…


We have to monitor how much we eat.


In moderation they are great with the ones listed above as your main choices.  


But as you get into some the others their glycemic load (amount of carbs/sugar) can be too high.


If you have a plate full of meat, veggies, and fat it will be hard to overeat on fruit.


So remember those 3 come before fruit and keep intake to 1-2 servings a meal…


And lean towards the fruits that are listed above!






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