Our Guide To Fitness-Part 1

Have you ever thought about why CrossFit works? Yes you come in and you sweat, you learn new movements, you lift big weights… But do you know why that works?

At the core of CrossFit we are trying to make you the fittest version of yourself possible.  And we found that 3 principles best guide us in developing your fitness.

In part 1 we are going to go over the 10 Physical Skills and how they relate to our workouts.

Principle 1-10 Physical Skills

To be considered fit we believe you should be well balanced in all of these physical skills.  If you are lacking just one, you are fit but not as fit as you could possibly be.


1-Cardiovascular/Respiratory Endurance (Your ability to breathe)

2-Stamina (Ever run out of energy during a workout?)

3-Strength (Someone say deadlifts?)

4-Flexibility (How’s those splits coming?)

These first 4 come specifically from Daily Training.

Each time you run a 400m interval, your ENDURANCE and STAMINA increases. When you lift a barbell for back squats, your STRENGTH increases. When you spend 10 minutes after your workout stretching, your FLEXIBILITY increases.

The best way to improve these first 4 is to be consistent with your training daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.



5-Coordination (got double unders?)

6-Agility (can you jump and land quickly?)

7-Balance (falling on lunges or split jerks?)

8-Accuracy (how’d that wall ball taste?)

These next 4 come specifically from practice and take a focused effort while not yet fatigued. 

This is how we build new skills like double unders, pistol squats, wall ball shots, etc. Chances are if you can’t do them while you are warming up and practicing the movements you will not be able to do it efficiently once the workout starts.




9-Speed (100m sprints)

10-Power (1 rep max power clean!)

These last 2 are developed through both practice and training.  They usually require some technique to make sure you are able to use your body correctly to elicit the most power or speed possible.




Get all the 10 of these involved in your program…and you will elicit ELITE LEVEL FITNESS!

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