If you’re not familiar with rowing, or meters, it can seem like a really long distance. But 2,000 meters is just long enough to test someone’s cardiovascular, or aerobic, fitness levels, and also their anaerobes fitness levels. It’s actually an anaerobic threshold workout, which means it’s going to take you to your max heart rate and your max physical output.

It’s a true test of someones lung capacity. It’s demanding on the muscular system as well. All of your core strength muscles are activated while rowing, Often people believe rowing is just arms. But arms are actually the least used body part when rowing. They are used as a lever, but they are not actually used to generate power. It’s the rest of the core muscles in the body that are used to generate power. The core, hips, legs and quads. All of those large muscle are what actually generate the power for rowing. 

Now whats a good pace for rowing a 2k meter? 

There isn’t much of a pace when rowing a 2k meter. It’s considered a sprint distance to some people, meaning you have to come out the gate at about 70% intensity and then be able to hold yourself at 80% until the final sprint or the final 500m, at this point you want to ramp up to like 90-100%. It can be physically and mentally challenging for people. 

Have fun rowing our 2k meter row on Thursday CFS Fam!