#1 Sprinting burns body fat


In your standard aerobic training (jogging) our body uses oxygen to fuel our metabolism.


When we do anaerobic training (sprinting) our body is without oxygen. After the sprint is over we are in a state of oxygen debt or excessive post-exercise oxygen consumption.


During this time your body is in a state of “catch up” and is working in overdrive to help us return to our normal, resting state.


While the body is replenishing the oxygen and other energy stores, it uses fat as its primary source of fuel.


This process of replenishing our body can last up to 16-38 hours. (That is a long time to have extra fat burning going on in the body!)







#2 It’s a time saver


If you are short on time, sprinting can give you a lot of bang for you buck.


All it takes is a good, quick warm up, then 8-10 hard sprints for about 10 seconds, and you’re done!


#3 Anyone can do it


A sprint is a sprint no matter what size, shape, or speed you can move.


Everyone’s 100% is 100%, so all you have to do is be as intense as YOU can be.






Easy Sprint Workout


Items-Grab a stop watch


Preferred Location-Flat ground, hill, or track.


Short Warm up-

5 minute jog

10 leg swings

1 minute hurdler stretch each side

3-5 sprints starting slow then picking up speed (10-20 meters)



8-10 all out sprints each about 10 seconds long

Rest 1 minute between each sprint


And that’s it!


You could knock that out in 25-30 minutes and have a great workout to show for it!


Give sprinting a try, you and your body will love it!