Everywhere you look there is a new diet, a new pill, a new instant success, the reality is for long term success there is only one way.


Consistent day-by-day effort


(I know…consistency and effort in the same sentence. That sounds like work.)


The truth is it will take some work to get you on the right track but work is good.


Everyone thrives and feels better about themselves when the put in some good, old fashion work and reach their goal.


So how do we attain this consistency that has long alludes us in our attempts to be healthy, lean, and strong?


Here are 3 tips I use to keep me on track and give me options when I am short for time


  1. Make sure you are eating the right foods.

(Meat, Vegetables, Nuts and Seeds, Some Fruit, Little Starch, No sugar)


That may seem simple enough but if you are not putting the right foods in your kitchen, you won’t be getting the right foods on your plate.


The term out of sight out of mind really does work. If all you have is healthy foods at home it makes it much easier to make good decisions when you are preparing a meal or snack.


  1. Have go to meals that are quick and easy


The reality is most of us are busy. We don’t have time to prepare 3 5-course meals every time we sit down to eat. So we need something that we can make quickly and are healthy/satisfying so we can get on with our work.


My advice for that is pick a meat that you like and make a few extra when you make a meal so you can use them for meals later (kind of like meal prepping but that is another post in and of itself). Add veggies or some fruit, a handful of nuts and you have a pretty easy quick meal when you are crunched for time.


(Also having places to go when you didn’t have time to prepare anything quick at home is a great way to be successful. Chipotle, Flame Broiler, and El Pollo Loco have some great options when you have to pick something up quick. They have good protein and some veggies that will give you what you need.)



  1. Finding what works for a lifetime


We are not dieting anymore. We have to figure out what we can do for a lifetime. Are you someone that can go the rest of your life on meat and veggies? Do you need a cheat meal or 2? If so, how can you implement 1-2 and be successful in getting weight off and keeping it off and most of all…BEING HEALTHY!


Fad diets work for a time but as soon as you stop, BOOOM, the weight comes back.


To find what works for you takes some experimenting on your part to find the right mix. A good way to look at it is 80-90% of the time you are eating high quality food that builds health that lasts.


If you have any questions feel free to ask and if you have any tips you use we would love to hear them!