For thousands of years our body has 2 primary ways of resting:





1. Lying down

2. The squat


Laying down is still something we do every night and sometimes midday if you are sneaking in a quick nap…(Everybody loves a good siesta!)


The squat however has been almost completely replaced with sitting in chairs.


Sitting, especially now is much easier, although it wasn’t always that way.


The squat was our place of resting when we got tired of standing. As children we do this without even thinking.


How often do you see a child squatting down to paly with a toy or watching something on the phone?


This position is second nature for them and it something to be valued.


To give you an idea of how much it should be valued here are some risks that come sitting (our substitute for squatting)


1. Obesity from inactivity

2. Decreases bone density

3. Increases blood pressure

4. Weakens back and posture

5. Sitting at work usually leads to more sitting at home

6. Doctors have compared sitting to smoking


All those I know are things each and every one of us would like to avoid.


So this is why we are starting the 30/30 squat challenge that Israeli movement specialist Ido Portal came up with.


The challenge is simple







1. 30 minutes a day is the requirement.  You will notice that probably after 1-2 minutes this will be tough to maintain.  So break it up throughout the day.  You will see great improvements each day and it will get easier and easier to maintain the squat!

2. Do not worry about having perfect form in the squat.  The goal is to sink into the bottom of the squat and be relaxed.  

3. Make sure to keep the heels on the ground.  If that is difficult without falling over, then hold on to something until it becomes doable.

4. Lastly, take a picture of yourself on day 1 so you can see the differences by the end of the challenge!

Lets regain our ability to rest in a squat! 





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