3/20/15 5pm,6pm Friday Night Lights CrossFit Open 15.4


3/28/15 10-11am Muscle Up Workshop


4/18/15 WBBC Graduation Day 9-11am



Last week we had so many Personal Records.  

Everyone who tested


Front squat

Push presses

Improved dramatically and that is AWESOME!

I am so proud of you guys for putting in the hard work and getting the results that you want!

Keep it up and the results will keep on rolling!

This week in training we are going to be taking it a bit easier.

We are doing what is called a Deload Week.

This is a week for us to give our body a little rest from on the hard work we have been doing.

We will still be hitting workouts with some intensity but they will be shorter…

We will be focusing on bodyweight and metabolic conditioning (running/rowing/jump rope) to give the body some rest from the barbells.

Next week we will being our third cycle here at CrossFit Saved and it is going to be a fun one.  

Out of all the cycles that have been put together…this one I am the most excited about!

There have been a ton of PR’s in the first 2 cycles but I expect to see some big gains in the next 3 months…

Both in strength, cardio, and body composition…

So be ready to bring it the next 3 months!







500m row

40 squats

30 sit ups

2o push ups

10 pull ups





Couch stretch-4 minutes per side

Contract/relax banded hamstring-4 minutes per side





Come prepared for class. Bring your journal and know the time that you got during your intro.  

If you do not have the time recorded please get to class early and let me know so I can look up your time.