In todays post we are covering CrossFit’s 3rd Fitness Standard

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10 Physical Skills

Hopper Model

There are 3 metabolic pathways that provide energy for every physical action we take.




Firstly we have the Phosphagen or Phosphocreatine Pathway

This pathway dominates all high-powered activities that last less than 10 seconds. Think all out 100m sprint or 1 rep back squat.



Second is the Glycolytic or Lactate Pathway

The glycolytic pathway dominates all moderate-powered activities that last up to several minutes (1-4 minutes roughly). This would look like 400m repeats or 1 minute on 1 minute off workouts



Thirdly we have the Oxidative or Aerobic Pathway

This dominates low-powered activities that last in excess of several minutes. Examples would be 5k run or a 15 minute amrap with 2-3 different movements.


Starting a 5K!

The fitness that CrossFit Saved promotes and develops, requires training and in effect competency in these 3 pathways.

Two of the most common mistakes in training come from when coaches or athletes favor 1-2 of these pathways over all 3 pathways or excessively training the oxidative pathway.

Don’t like heavy lifting days? You’re missing a part of your fitness

Skip out on long runs or rowing intervals? You’re missing a part of your fitness

Balancing the effects of these 3 pathways plays a major role the workouts we do here at CrossFit Saved!

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