When it comes to nutrition the old adage holds true…Keep It Simple Stupid!

Nutrition is one of those topics that tends to get way to many details when we should just being doing the basics really, really well!

Here’s the basics…

Eat Meat and Veggies, Nuts and seeds, Some fruit, A little starch, No sugar, And keep intake levels that suppose exercise but not body fat.



So here’s how we implement that in 5 ingredients or less.

Ingredient 1

1-2 palms of protein 

Ingredient 2

Seasoning for protein 

Ingredient 3

2 handfuls of veggies

Ingredient 4

1 handful of fruit or starch

Ingredient 5

1/2 an avocado

Here all we did was take one food from each category and made a meal. Along with adding some seasoning to our protein source.

Using this 5 ingredients or less you can create hundreds of meals that just have slight changes to them…

Simply change the seasoning, change the protein source, change which veggie, choose a fruit this time instead of starch…

And so on and so on!

Don’t complicate this….

Make simple meals that taste great!