Flexibility is one of the 10 Physical Skills in CrossFit but quite often is the most over looked

Here are 6 of my favorite stretches to hit all of the major muscle groups in the body and most used in CrossFit!

A good approach is to spend 30-60 seconds each day on ones you are already good at and 2 minutes minimum on areas that are problematic.

In order of importance (For most peoples needs)

1-Asian Squat


This is meant to be a resting squat so don’t try to hold yourself up just allow yourself to sink all the way down into your squat.

This is a position I tell my athletes to try to spend a ton of time in a day. A good number to hit daily would be 10 minutes as a minimum.

How to perform

The only thing I care about here is making sure your knees are tracking your toes. Don’t let your knees cave in (knees out!)


2-Couch Stretch

Due to all the sitting we do the front of our hips get very tight. The couch stretch is a necessity to anyone who has a desk job and cares about there performance in the gym.

A good rule of thumb on this one…for every hour you sit, do this stretch for 2 minutes on each side.

How to Perform

Take on leg up on the wall, getting your knee to tough the wall, then step your other foot up so that your foot is flat on the ground. You will feel a big stretch in the front of your hip on the leg that is on the wall.

For some this stretch is too difficult so my advice is do take your knee away from the wall so you can get into the stretch…but know that the standard will be getting your knee all the way to the wall.


3- Overhead Distraction

This stretch goes after the your back muscles (lats) and also many parts of your shoulder (scapula).

How to Perform

Grab a band, hook it around something higher than your head, stick your hand through the band and sink down.

Focus here is keeping your thumb facing up or out to keep your shoulder in external rotation.


4-Pike Stretch

This is a simple one…can you touch your toes?

This stretch targets our low back and hamstrings that also get very tight from all the sitting we do.

How to Perform

Keeping your legs straight bend over from the hips and allow your body to sink down as far as possible (its ok for you back to round).  Eventually you want to get to the point where your body is flat against your legs!



If you struggle with your squatting movements this is your go to stretch. Again the butt (glutes) get tight from all the sitting we do and this stretch really opens up the glutes so we can drive our knees out in our squat.

How to Perform

Start with your hands and knees on the ground, take one of your knees between your hands, extend the other leg back, and allow your body to sink down and feel a deep stretch in your glutes.


6-Table Top

This is a new stretch that I have been doing recently and I believe it deserves a spot in our daily stretches. The front our shoulders get very tight and this stretch will open them back up from all the pushing movements that we do such as push-ups.

How to Perform

Make sure to pinch your shoulders back and really drive your hips high!


That’s it for our stretches…

My advice is to try to hit these everyday in the morning, before bed, or after your workout.

Workout of the Day


3 Rounds

10 Strict Pull Ups

15 Hang Power Cleans

20 Calorie Bike

4 Minute Rest