Your parents always said, “eat your vegetables” and they were right, 

maybe in more ways than they knew. 

While you don’t have to go all veggie and become a strict vegetarian,

 One of the healthiest eating habits you can implement in your family is to eat more vegetables.

Here’s why: Researchers recently found that people who 

consume 5 daily servings (specifically two whole fruits and three vegetables)

 compared to those who eat only 2 servings daily each have 

-12% lower risk of cardiovascular disease

– 10% lower risk of cancer

-35% lower risk from respiratory disease

Not only those great benefits, but having veggies in every meal can help us stay fuller longer & the benefit of that is nog binge eating after every meal. 

I personally notice a difference after eating a meal with veggies & a meal without veggies. I tend to get hungrier earlier than normal when I don’t have veggies in the meal before which leads me to snacking on things I probably shouldn’t be snacking on. So I always make it a point to have veggies in every meal possible.

Few people eat the daily recommended amount of fruits and vegetables.

Here are some tips to add more into your diet: 

  • Carry easy-to-eat fruits and vegetables as snacks when you’re away from home. 
  • Display fruit in your kitchen for easy access. 
  • Make it fun – designate one day each week to eat fruits and vegetables that are a specific color of the rainbow. 
  • Substitute French fries at a restaurant for a side salad. 
  • Top yogurt and oatmeal with sliced berries.