Beginner-2 Hang Power Snatches

Intermediate/Advanced-2 Power Snatches



3×3 Overhead Squats

-Add 5-10lbs From Last Week





3 Rounds

25 Kettlebell Swings (American)











3 Different Ways We Train Here At CrossFit Saved


As many of you have noticed, we have 3 different ways we train here at the gym.  If you haven’t or maybe don’t understand the differences between the days, I am going to explain them so you have a better understanding so you can achieve better results here in the gym.


1. Training Days-(like today) 66% of our training


Like practice in a sport, this is a time for us to learn new skills, build strength, and to build fitness on a global scale.


Usually this day involves a higher skilled movement from gymnastics, such as handstands, or some weightlifting movements like the snatch or clean and jerk.  Intensity is usually a bit lower and we can use this time to master movements that are new to us or to dial in technique to a higher degree.


When you come in on these days try to be very mindful of your breath, how your body is moving, and how you are feeling.  The mindfulness on these days is more important to learning new skills than just trying to move more weight or go faster.  Move with a purpose and always be striving for excellence in your movement.


2. Competition Day-25% of our training


Think game day.  All those skills, strength, and fitness you have been building during our training days can now be put to use and be used at higher intensities.


The goal on these days is to move as fast as possible while maintaining excellent technique in all movements.  Just because intensity is high does not mean we disregard moving well and safely.


These days are important to see how we are progressing as an athlete.  When we retest workouts or have a new test, we get to see how all of our hard work is advancing us.  It can even be a humbling experience to show you where your holes are in your movement, mobility, and mindset.  And then we can go back on training days and fill in the pieces of the puzzle that are missing.


3. Mental Toughness Day-8% of our training


You all have experienced these.  Typically longer, more grueling workouts,  sometimes with a hero’s name attached to it.  These workouts are meant to push us mentally and physically.


There are times in life where we need some mental toughness.  Maybe its in work or our personal life, it is good to put your body under extreme stress sometimes to prepare us when the unexpected comes up.


Use these workouts to make you stronger for life and its stresses.  If you can practice pushing yourself, holding on, and finishing what you set out to do in a workout it will better prepare you for the bumps that come along in this life.


I hope that gives you a better understanding of how to approach each of these days here at the gym!







August 22nd 10am Kipping Pull Up Clinic


August 29th 10am Food As Fuel Seminar








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