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CFS Workouts December 7th to December 12th

Monday’s Workout

You Go I Go x 5 Rounds

Max Calorie Bike 60s

3/4 Bodyweight Bench Press

**Must Get 40 Reps Per Round**

Tuesday’s Workout


Banded Deadlifts

4 Rounds

2 Minute Row For Distance

2 Minute Rest

**Increase Distance Each Round**

Wednesday’s Workout

“Coach Tasha’s B-Day WOD”


Pull Ups

Power Clean

Front Squat

Rest 5 Minutes

33 Pull Ups

33 Power Cleans

33 Fronst Squats

Thursday’s Workout


400m Run

15 Handstand Push. Ups

25 GHD Sit Ups

Friday’s Workout


Squat Snatch

Saturday’s Workout

Partner WOD


DB Step Ups

Ring Rows

2x Reps Double Unders