Starting your CrossFit journey? Or have been doing CrossFit for months even years?

Regardless where you’re at and how much you’ve worked out in the past. We still end up being sore from the high intensity workouts that come with CrossFit. A lot of times people take this as being in pain. Yes, soreness is painful but people take this as and excuse to skip the gym for a day or two. It can even lead into a week of not working out and then you decide to come back to the gym and here you are again, in pain and sore again.

Let’s get into ways to help us out with being sore: Go to class! The best advice to follow when you’re really sore is to continue going to class. Continuing to workout will engage your muscles and prevent being really stiff. Maybe not going as intense as you normally would, as long as you keep moving you will feel a lot better. 

Hydrate like never before! Drinking water is easy while you’re working out. But are you really hydrated? Are we drinking water outside of the gym? That’s the most important things is when you’re home or working, are you staying hydrated? This will help with muscle recovery. 

Get good sleep! Believe it or not, one of the best ways to recover muscle pain is by sleeping. During a workout, you tear muscle fibers and during sleep they repair themselves. 

Lastly, eat plenty of whole food, and lean protein. It’s easy to grab a protein shake after a workout or when you’re on the go. When you choose to eat Whole Foods, you’re giving your body the ability to heal itself and alleviate you’re soreness.