As you guys already know, we are a nutrition first gym. With that being said we are constantly studying and learning from every resource we can get our hands on so we are better equipped to help you with your goals as they relate to your health and your fitness!

Today we are going to introduce something new we have been learning as coaches about how we should be approaching nutrition and your diet over the long haul!

There are 3 different diet phases you can go through in your nutrition journey.

The first is Fat Loss Diet

The second is Maintenance Diet 

The third is Muscle Gain Diet

Most of us are most familiar with a Fat Loss Diet. Whether you’ve completed a fat loss diet with success or not there is no shortage of information out there about “HOW YOU CAN LOSE FAT FAST!”  (Now whether that one is the right one for you and your situation is a totally different question)

Maintenance Diet is probably the one we struggle with the most and is the one we want to, at our gym begin to focus on more and more.  Once you’ve lost some body fat with a Fat Loss Diet its important to also learn how to keep that weight off and that’s what a Maintenance Diet is for!

Lastly is a Muscle Gain Diet.  Not everyone is after just losing body fat, some want to put on some more muscle and that’s exactly what this diet will help you do!

Over the next 3 weeks we are going to break down each one of these diets and tell you…

What they are in more detail

How you can complete one

And which one right for you

Hope you guys have a great Monday and if you need any help with your nutrition please reach out and we can help guide you in the direction you want to go!