Eat meat and veggies, nuts and seeds, some fruit, a little starch, no sugar.  Keep intake levels that support exercise but not body fat.

The whole goal of CrossFit is to make people as fit as they can possible be.  

CrossFit does that by making the statement above that defines what our diets should look like and with an emphasis on getting body fat off our bodies.

Enter the Fat Loss Phase!

The first criteria in building a Fat Loss Phase is getting the right foods on our places.

Here’s our list of what we believe the best foods for us to be choosing are.



After that we have to get our intake level that which will allow us to start losing body fat.

We have two ways that we go about doing that

First is the Earn Your Carbs Model and….

Second is the Macro/Calorie Tracking Model.

They both work great and do a great job getting you to get body fat off your body!

You can read more about those here on our website!

How Long Should Fat Loss Phases last?

Fat Loss Phases should last somewhere between 6-12 weeks

In Fat Loss Phase you want to set a start and end date.  Fat Loss Phases are not meant to last for ever. Set a goal, knock it out in that time frame, and move on to the next phase in your plan.

How Much Should You Lose Per Week?

Ideally we want to be losing between .5-1% of our body weight per week.

Example would be if you weighed 200lbs you should aim to lose 1-2lbs per week.

Losing any less than .5% will result in you not seeing enough fat loss to keep you engaged and losing more than 1% will leave you starving which eventually can lead to binging on food outside of your plan.

How Much Should You Lose In A Fat Loss Phase?

You should aim to lose 5-10% of your body weight in a Fat Lose Phase.

Example would be if you weighed 200lbs you should aim to lose 10-20lbs in your Fat Lose Phase.

Losing less than 5% will usually be too small of an amount of fat lost for you to notice any significant change in body composition.  

Losing more than 10% means you are either losing too fast or in a Fat Loss Phase for too long which can lead to big rebound hunger and weight gain back.

What Do You Do After Your Fat Lose Phase?

Once you have completed your Fat Lose Phase it is now time for a Maintenance Phase. We will be covering that in our article next week!

If you are wanting to start a Fat Loss Phase reach out to your coaches and they can help you get going in the right direction!