Here are a few tips to keeping fitness a part of your lifestyle for your entire life

Number 1

Find something you enjoy

Find a form of fitness that you like.  I know that seems simple enough but if you are going to do something for the rest of your life it is important that you enjoy it.

Number 2

Surround yourself with people who prioritize health and fitness

There is no getting around this one.  You tend to be the sum of the 5 closes people to you.  The more people you have around you that take health and fitness seriously the better chances you have of staying consistent for the long haul.

Number 3

Take a long term approach

You don’t need to become the fittest person tomorrow.  The goal is to show up and do your best for that day.  Some days your best will blow your mind and you’ll set a new personal record. Other days doing your best will be the fact that you showed up at all.  When you look at the long term, consistency is what matters most, not whether each day was a PR.

Number 4

Check your ego at the door

For me this was a big one.  Every tweak or injury I have had over my 10 years of CrossFit has come from attempting to lift more than I should when I knew my body wasn’t up to it that day.  The main change here is to listen to your body.  If you are feeling good push to see what you can do for the day.  If your feeling beat up, just do your best for the day. What that allows you to do is show up tomorrow to workout again and that is what yields the best results rather than having one great workout.

Number 5

Set a schedule

Everyone does better with a routine.  Set your days and times for when you are going to workout and stick to them.  This helps when life gets crazy (and we all know it will) and keeps you on track.  It also turns exercise into a discipline rather than waiting to be motivated to get in your next workout.

Fitness is vital for having a high quality of life in your 20s. 30s, and even more so in your 40s+.  I hope these 5 tips help you in some way with your health and fitness!

If you have any questions feel free to reach out!

Coach John