Today (Friday) is back to normal just for today and then Saturday we have another BAF day.


Some things we are going to be talking about over the next few weeks…


We are going to go over each section of this pyramid, first in an overview today, then breakdown each one in a few blog series.


So here we go:


The CrossFit methodology is the perfect break down of what every strength & conditioning or health & fitness gym should be founded on…


Here is the sequence CrossFit believes (and I would have to agree) is  the road to elite fitness/health/longevity.





EVERY program has to be centered on 1. NUTRITION,  there is no exception.  


The old saying is true…”You can’t outwork a bad diet”.  


Your body needs fuel,  not just any fuel.  


If you are feeding your body candy every day or similar process junk you body is not going to operate the way it should.  


It starts to break down and unfortunately in this country instead of addressing the root problem, we mask it with pills and procedures that do not actually fix anything.


Go for the real stuff meat, veggies, nuts, fruits, and some starches.  


These have the essential nutrients your body needs to thrive. WE.HAVE.TO.START.HERE.



Next is 2. METABOLIC CONDITIONING or cardio.  


This is your running, rowing, swimming, biking. and jumping rope.  


There are metabolic conditioning pathways that we use in life.  


1. Phosphagen 2. Glycolytic 3. Oxidative. We will go into these 3 metabolic pathways in another blog post.  Using these 3 pathways we can increase cardiovascular health, burn fat, build muscle



After we have done some work on nutrition and metabolic conditioning we have probably lost some pounds and will start to have an easier time doings some 3. GYMNASTICS or body control.  


Now we will start with the basics: push-ups, dips, pull-ups, squats, planks and as you start to have more and more control of your body you can start to advance in movements to things like handstand push-ups, ring drips, muscle ups, pistol squats (1 legged squats), and L-Sits.  


Every person should be able to control there body… and the longer they are able, the better their quality of life will be.


Imagine being 90 years old and still able to do a push-up or squat.  


We look at our society and think…”that is not possible” because if you look all around probably less than 1-2% can do something like that.



 However just because they are the minority does not mean it couldn’t be or shouldn’t be the majority.  


We have to start thinking of health and fitness as a lifetime endeavor and not just something that ends when you hit 30, 40 or 50.



On to the next 4. WEIGHTLIFTING & THROWING.  


Every single person on the planet needs a base of strength.  


Now is it as important as the 3 before most definitely not, and I will say I have at times had a bias in this area.  


But not to discredit this area by any means,  being able to do some back squats presses or deadlifts has great carry over into not just your sport but your general life also.  


Do you need to be able to clean and jerk 350 and snatch 300 not by any means but being able to do some weighted barbell work and to maintain the range of motion to do the snatch or clean will definitely benefit you and keep you honest in where your health and fitness is at.



And last but not least we have 5. SPORT.  


“Regularly play and learn new sports” is the mantra of CrossFit.  


What is the point in gaining all this fitness and not having fun with it?  Playing around with friends, being competitive keeps the playful spirit and takes away from just being in the gym all the time.  


Eat right, spend some time in the gym, but remember get out there and enjoy the work you put in.  



We will be expanding on these topics over the next weeks so buckle your seat belts and lets learn more about our health and fitness!



Training Day



Back Squat 3,3,3+






1 Bear Complex

-Power Clean>Front Squat>Push Press>Back Squat>Push Press

5 Pull-Ups

10 Burpees