Free intro sessions:

Here at CrossFit Saved we start everyone off with a 1-on-1 introduction class!

This gives us a chance to connect with you and see what it is you are looking to achieve here at the gym.

The intro takes about 50 minutes and consists of some short questions to see what your specific situation is like

“Where you are at in your fitness journey”

“What are your strengths”

“What areas you have some catching up to do”

“What have you been doing right”

“What are you struggling points”

“What are some goals that you are looking to achieve in the next few months”

And also a short workout to see what you are capable of!

Scheduling an intro is EASY!  

We do them Monday through Saturday 7:00am-4:30pm.

All you have to do is

Call us at (562) 690-0100


Email us

to check for an available time!