Flexibility is one of our chief tenants when it comes to CrossFit and forging elite fitness for your life.

The movements we do in CrossFit are full range of motion movements that can actually help increase flexibility in your muscles over time!

But just because you can gain range of motion doing CrossFit movements doesn’t mean you don’t need to do some stretching on your own.

GOWOD Mobility First is a subscription based app that helps you work on areas of struggle for you.

Here’s how it works:

Try out the free trial.

Complete the mobility test.

The app will score you on each of the mobility test and show you where your problem areas are.


Spend 8-22 minutes daily doing the personalized stretches it gives you for your limitations.

What’s great about this app is it takes all the thinking out of it for you and gives you a great plan to follow.

Every 30-90 you can re-do the mobility test and see how you are improving.

I have no financial incentive with this app its just something I use daily to help keep me flexible, improve places of limitation, and just feel overall good from stretching each day!

If you have any questions about this feel free to reach out or check them out over at their instagram!