205lbs on the left and 160lbs on the right!

What got you started and what did you do?

I had played tennis pretty competitively and happened to break my wrist riding my skateboard which caused me to put on some weight from my tennis days.

So I needed a good opinion on wrist rehab and my sister Tasha recommended Jonathan!

I was very happy with the results I got fixing my wrist so I took the next step and joined the gym!

As far as my diet goes I cut out eating junky, fast food and eating late at night.  

For awhile I ate only one meal a day but mostly eat 2-3 meals well portioned meals per day now!

What kept you going?

Having my family and close friends working out at the gym keeps me going a long with also using CrossFit as a way to stay competitive like I was in tennis is nice!

What was your biggest struggle?

It felt like I was starting from scratch in the sense that I was used to being in super good shape from tennis but in CrossFit I had to build strength and technique that I had never done before.

What’s kept you on track after?

My family and friends going to the gym but mostly my sister Tasha getting on me to stay consistent haha!