Success Isn't A Straight Line |

Your nutrition and fitness journey isn’t a pass/fail test. It’s a constant work in progress. 


This isn’t about perfection, it’s about consistency.

Did you eat more than you usually do?

Did you miss a couple of workouts in the last couple weeks?

It’s ok, it doesn’t make you a failure by any means.


It happens, and thankfully you are in full control of what happens next. You either dwell on it and beat yourself up over it, or you do what you know will make you feel good, and you get right back to your regular eating/workout routine. 


These days, here and there mean nothing when you start looking at bettering your health and the way you eat as a lifelong journey. When you strive for long term success, instead of wanting everything right now, moments like this become very small in the big picture!


Again, this isn’t a pass or fail test. You get back up and you keep going, you have the ability to control what is in front of you and what you decide to put into your body. If you aren’t making the best nutrition choices, change it. Now is the time, don’t worry about what you ate for dinner last night or what you had for breakfast this morning. Your next meal is where it starts! You’re a constant work in progress! You got this!

– Coach Jenn