Lots of questions have been rolling in about the fall challenge and how you can win the $1000.

So here is the breakdown on how it’s going to go.

Step 1-Sign Up

Step 2-Baseline Test

The week of September 3rd to September 8th you will have a chance to get your body fat tested on the InBody Machine and also complete your baseline workout at the designated times.

Step 3-Pick a Nutrition Program

Option 1 is the tray option (easier to follow). Option 2 is to track your macros (requires some work).

Step 4-Earn Points

There are 3 ways to earn points in the challenge.

Nutrition Points

Option 1

Everyone will receive 2 trays when they sign up for the challenge.

The tray will have 3 sections: 2 small pockets and 1 large pocket.


Small Pocket 1-Fill with Protein from Food List

Small Pocket 2-Fill with Fruit or Starch from Food List

Large Pocket-Fill with Vegetables from Food List


For those UNDER 150lbs you will be required to eat 3 trays per day

For those OVER 150lbs you will be required to eat 4 trays per day.


Option 2

Track your Macros

Be within:

10g of your Protein

10g of your Carbohydrate

5g of your Fat


Your Macros will be calculated based off of your lean body mass when you weigh in.


**In both options you will be required to eat only quality foods from the food list and any foods that you eat that are outside of the food list will give you a 0 for Nutrition Points for that day**


Sleep Points

You must get 7 hours in one shot for sleep to earn a point. If you are in bed, lights out, screens off, 100% ready for and intending to sleep, count that time.


Workout Points

Earn up to 6 points a week for completing a CrossFit Saved Class or an At-Home-Workout from the blog.


(You may only count the day you workout, doing more than one workout in a day only counts for 1 point.)


STEP 5-Win

The winner will be chosen from 3 categories



Earn the most points by keeping your nutrition, sleep, and exercise all on point!


Percent of Body Fat % Lost


Athlete 1-goes from 50% body fat to 45% body fat. They lost 10%

Athlete 2-goes from 10% body fat to 9% body fat. They also lost 10%

They both would tie in that category. This makes it fair across the board for athletes looking to improve performance and athletes looking to lose weight. Both had to put in the same amount of work to get to the results they achieved.


Improvement on baseline workout

Achieve more reps than you did at the start of the challenge!



In later posts we will go over other specifics like the food list, supplements, foods to say no to, and other commonly asked questions!