In CrossFit we use our core in every single movement that we do…

Whether it’s a Push Up, Deadlift, or GHD Sit Up our should be engaged.

Lately I have had a few members at the gym say…

“Hey when I do X movement it really hurts my back”

And I will ask them,

“Are you squeezing your core while you execute the movement?”

And usually the answer is something along the lines of “oh I never actually think about that!”

They try it, and usually the pain they were experiencing on X movement goes away!

If we don’t engage our core as we are completing these complex, functional movements, your spine will need to do more work than it was intended to.  This will usually lead to some back pain which is never fun to deal with.

So here’s what to do.

Squeeze your core on every movement you do.

Best way to squeeze your core is to act like your taking a poop…maybe a gross way to think about it but its the easiest way that gets the job done.

A good way to practice this is just by lying on your back…squeezing your core…and then practice breathing while you keep you squeezing your core.

You will notice that initially it is challenging to keep your core tight while you breath, but with a little practice you can do it quite easily and this skill will greatly improve your performance and keep you safe in the gym!