How to navigate through Christmas without losing progress you’ve made!

Let’s face it, the holidays are here! As well as all the food and all the festivities that come with it!

We want to enjoy ourselves but we also don’t want to gain tons of weight while doing so.

Here are a few things that can help get us through without regretting the holiday events!


-Remember your why!

A lot of times we lose focus on why we started our weightless journey when were busy throughout the holidays.

Something we can do to keep focus on our why is to write it on a post it note or mirror that is visible to you daily.


-Plan ahead!

We don’t realize how much planning ahead can help us with our nutrition. 

We know we’re going to that holiday party, it isn’t hard to ask what will be served. It’s so convenient knowing what will be served so we know what our day looks like before hand. That can let us enjoy the foods with everyone else, of course in moderation but you won’t be standing there not being able to eat with everyone.


-Fill up on veggies!

Feeling up on veggies beforehand when going out to celebrate the holidays will help out so much.

Veggies are always good to have but are even better when you know you’re going to have not the best foods that day!


-Stay active!

Keep working out! Its so easy to be too busy throughout the holidays, with the shopping and the parties! Make sure you prioritize working out! Its so important to continue your progress in the gym during these times!