CrossFit is GPP program and GPP means General Physical Preparedness. What that means is CrossFit is about increasing the amount of physical challenges that you can complete.

You are challenged by many different body weight movements, weightlifting movements, time lengths, amount of reps, etc. 



For your fitness program this is great because it keeps you very well rounded when it comes to your fitness.

You aren’t just strong

You aren’t just good runners, rowers, and cyclist.

You aren’t just good at doing body weight movements

You are competent or trying to be competent at all of thee above.

Now, what does this have to do with Open Gym???

Well since we are a GPP program, that means we don’t do everything that often.

And if you have a goal of getting your first pull up, handstand push up, deadlifting 300lbs, etc.

You need to spend a little bit of time each week on that specific movement to see it improve.



This is where Open Gym comes in.

This is a perfect time to spend a little extra time on goal work or goat work (weaknesses).

Open Gym allows you to progress your fitness a little quicker because you can put some more focus on an area that you are excited about!



As an aside, remember the GPP fitness you get from classes yields a very well rounded athlete and we don’t want to replace classes with Open Gym but rather have it be a great addition to growing as an athlete!

Workout of the Day


15 Burpees

30 Calorie Row