I HATE MONDAY’S!!!!This has to be one of the most common phrases you hear from just about everyone…

This post isn’t about why most people feel that way but rather what you can do to make a change from hating Monday’s to it being the most inspiring days of your week!

The reality is life happens whether you have a plan or not…

And most do not take the time to figure out what they really want in life or what they really want to do.

So they fall into whatever life throws their way.


If we want to get from a place of “I HATE MONDAY’S” to a place of “I LOVE MONDAY’S” we have to get intentional with our life and the direction it is heading.

We have to spend time everyday making sure we are going in the direction we want…

And if you don’t have a direction (and even if you do) then you need to spend time each day finding out what your direction is.

So here’s the plan…

Take 30 minutes everyday to think about your life with no distractions. (that means no music, reading, etc.)

“Where thought prevails power may be found”

-Napoleon Hill


Set goals and review how you are doing in each one.

Some great areas to set goals are:

Spiritual-are you connecting with something greater than yourself?

Career-what do you want to do?

Financial-how much do you want to make?

Family-are you loving others as yourself?

Physical Health-are you making healthy choices each day?

Intellectual-are you growing yourself daily? (Reading/audio books)

Social-are you plugged into a community that you support and supports you?

Questions of the day!

My favorite way to do this is to write out a daily schedule and see where I can fit in a 30-minute walk.

During that walk it gives you time to really think about your day…whether that’s how you want your day to go or reflecting on how your day went.

Many may say “I don’t have 30 minutes each day!”…


You make time for social media, friends, entertainment, etc.

If you aren’t where you want to be then this will be the most important 30 minutes of your day…EVERYDAY!

We only get one go at this life and we want it to be full of love, fulfillment, and joy…


Workout of the Day

For Time

400m Run

100m Farmers Carry

800m Run

100m Farmers Carry

400m Run