The squat is king! 

(And when we say squat we are talking about the basic body weight squat.)

The squat is essential to our well being and longevity…

In America, as we grow old, we tend to get weaker and weaker to the point where one day just getting off the pot is too difficult and we need hand rails or even assistance from another person.

The squat keeps the function of our legs, hips, back, and knees for as long as we are willing to continue to practice it.

From a fitness standpoint we view the squat as a strengthener but it has long been also our way of resting or sitting…

Chairs took the place of us resting down into the bottom of a squat and it has been to our detriment.  

The flexibility that comes from resting in the bottom of the squat is monumental to our bodies.

If you can comfortably sit in the bottom of a squat you will very likely not succumb to the pains of your back and knees as so many in America do!

How to perform a body weight squat

1-feet shoulder width apart

2-toes slightly turned out

3-squeeze your belly

4-send your butt back to start the movement 

5-drive you knees out in line with your toes

6-get your butt below your knees

7-stand up until your knees and hips are locked out


Test and Goal #1

Tabata Air Squats

8 rounds 

20s squat

10s rest

Advanced 18-20 reps every round

Intermediate 10-15 reps every round

Beginner 5-10 reps every round


Test and Goal #2

Spend 10 minutes in the bottom of a squat everyday.

At first it will be ok to break up that time as needed but over time the goal will be to sit in a squat for 10 minutes straight!