In America, as a culture, we do not have a weight loss problem…

We have a keep the weight off problem.

Many have lost 10lbs, 25lbs, and even 50lbs+ but many have struggled to keep that weight off for the long run.

Enter the Maintenance Phase!

Ok so what is a Maintenance Phase?

A Maintenance Phase is a phase in your diet when you eat at an amount that keeps you at your current weight.

During this period of time you are reseting your body back to baseline.

Fat Loss Phases are hard on the body both physically and mentally and you need time after that where you begin to…

Restore your metabolism back to normal

Reduce the fatigue you’ve accumulated both physically and mentally

Reduce hunger signals back to normal so you don’t have cravings as badly.

When should you do a Maintenance Phase?

1-If you have been trying to diet in the last 3 months

This goes for if you have been successful or unsuccessful trying to lose weight in the last 3 months

2-If you have lost 10% of your body weight

If you were 200lbs and now you weigh 180lbs its a good time to take a Maintenance Phase and learn how to maintain this new weight you have achieved!!

This is especially important if you have more weight to lose than the 20lbs you just lost.  Trying to lose more than 10% of your body weight in one shot is a recipe for rebound weight gain once you’ve reached your goal or if you even reach that goal.

3-If you are at healthy weight for you!

Once you are at your goal weight, Maintenance Phase is where you live! 

If your lifestyle changes at all make sure to adjust your Maintenance Phase to your new lifestyle!

If you still have more weight to lose, how long should you do a Maintenance Phase?

.5x to 1.5x the length of your last Fat Loss Phase!

So if you were in a Fat Loss Phase for 12 Weeks you should be in a Maintenance Phase for 6-18 weeks.

That’s a good bit of time….

And for good reason.

Fat Loss Phases are hard on the body and it takes time to undue that and get your body back to baseline.

We all have tried pushing through a diet for too long and got to a point where we just cheated every weekend for months and some of us even years.

If that’s you get into a Maintenance Phase…

Learn how to maintain your weight…

And when you’re honestly ready…jump back into a Fat Loss Phase!!

We hope this helps and if you need some help planning out your diet, reach out and we will help get you on the right path!