First and foremost, this post isn’t just for our members this post is for me as well (coach Jenn). I fall into this post 100% by not prioritizing my fitness and not scheduling times to workout at. I have a goal to workout 5x a week and I’m excited to see it come to pass. Coach or athlete, fitness is very important for so many reasons.

 Now making it a priority is the hard part for some of us, especially us as parents or have busy work schedules. With being a parent and having a busy work schedule, excuses end up following with why we can’t workout. We can give all the excuses in the books as to why we can’t, like, I’m too busy, I don’t have time… there’s plenty more.. And I know because I’ve given them!

The truth is, we don’t have time because we don’t make the time and prioritize it.

First off, when you say you don’t have time, we’re basically saying “i don’t have time for that”. You probably will be doing something else, like sitting and scrolling on social media or watching tv. Which could have been replaced with exercise, even a walk or run. 

Another thing we can do is change our mindset. 

One thing that will help you make time to workout is how you think about it.

Don’t ask yourself how much time you have to carve in your schedule throughout the week to workout. Ask yourself how much of your life you are going to waste being unfit for everyday life. Working out also gives us energy to get other tasks done which in the long run can save us time.

Lets not forget the WHY! 

Why did we start? 

Why did we want to change the lifestyle we were living? 

It could be physical reasons, emotional reasons or even health reasons. So it’s important to make it a priority. Let your workout time be your ME time. Block out that hour and focus on yourself and why you’re doing it. Be in the moment and allow yourself to enjoy it. 

After all, it’s not easy to make working out a priority. How many times do people make resolutions and then end up bailing? Don’t be that person! Make it a priority today!