October 17th 7:15am Carpool to Festivus Games


October 24th 10am Skill Clinic Kipping 


October 30th Halloween WOD (Wear Costume!)


November 11th Veteran’s Day Hero Wod-3 Wise Men


November 14th 10am Skill Clinic-Ring Muscle Up









6 Rounds with a Partner

250 Meter Row

Rest 60 Seconds

8 Weighted Push Ups

Rest 60 Seconds

16 Suitcase Carry Box Step Ups

Rest 60 Seconds




-One works while the other rest

-Each row is an all out effort

-Use as much weight as possible for push ups

-Suitcase carry is performed with a dumbbell in each hand 





4 Rounds

30 Second Asian Squat

30 Second Samson Stretch