Hey friends!


I hope you all had a great time over Thanksgiving with friends and family.


How did you do with your eating?


Did you stay on top of it?


Did you go all out eating everything you can get your hands on?


Well, either way we are back to it and we want to get a jump on the new year…so we don’t have to start from scratch all over again.


Something we haven’t talked about too much around here is warm-ups.


I know super sexy and fun right?


The way we structure our warm ups here is to get you the most prepared for what we have at hand.


Think of each portion of our warm up as slowly and steadily getting our bodies primed for movement.


Step 1. We spend 5 minutes on a foam roller to increase flexibility and blood flow in the muscles.


Step 2. We get some movement to get our heart rate up a little more…normally with some running or jump roping.


Step 3. Now this is where we start to focus on range of motion specific to what our workout is for the day.


Maybe that means opening the hips and hamstrings for deadlifts or priming the shoulders to go overhead.


Step 4. And lastly we start to mess around and warm up with the specific movements that we have for the day.


If we have deadlifts maybe we start to do some reps with the bar and slowly add on weight until we are at our working weight.


Now what I would like to see during these warm ups is everyone being very deliberate, dialed in and working to move with virtuosity.


Each section plays a pivotal role in your work out…and gets your body ready to be the best it can be.


These warm ups can be used to fill holes in your fitness if you go about them correctly.


So be engaged and always be striving for better movement!







25 minutes time frame

Deadlift 7×5 Building






For time:

600m run

25 thrusters




-Deadlift you should build up through the 7 sets.  Sets 5-7 should be the heaviest

-If you are feeling good go for a 5 rep max, otherwise go for a heavy for the day.

-The run in the metcon should be 95% effort as well as the thrusters.

-Look at the metcon as a near all out sprint.



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