20 minutes to find


1RM Power Clean


*7-8 Sets

*Rest 2-3 minutes between attempts








Parter Wod

Teams of 2


For time:

75 thrusters

750 jump ropes

75 elevated feet ring rows






The Importance of Goal Review


When is the most common time people set goals?




People set out with great ambitions to lose weight, stop a bad habit, and many other things.


After about a month it seems the flare dies out and we go the rest of the year without even thinking about the goal that we wanted to achieve.


There are a few reasons this happens…


One being that the goal set does not inspire them.  The thought of not having completed the goal is not important or urgent enough to them that they have to have it.


Goals that can wait until Monday or tomorrow are not goals that set a fire in you.


Second is not having your goals in front of you at the forefront of your thinking.


Whatever you focus on that is what you get.


If you focus on how awesome you are a losing weight, you will do whatever is necessary to make it happen (same is true the other way).


Here is a cool little video of what I am talking about.



As you can see the mind has an amazing ability to put to use your thoughts.  This is why it is so important to keep your goals in front of you.  Review them often.


Here is an easy way to keep your goals in front of you.


Take some sticky notes and write your goals on them.


Create Mantras for you goals that can be repeated during the day to help keep you focused.


For example for someone who wants to lose weight, you can put…


I do whatever it takes to get in shape




It is easy for me to lose weight


Next take those sticky notes and put them in all the places that you spend a lot of time.


-On your desk at work

-On your dashboard of your car

-The bathroom mirror

-Your desk at home


Those are just a few places that you can keep your goals in front of you so that you stay focused on what you are trying to accomplish.


It takes effort but in the end you will look back on things you accomplished instead of being like everyone else who procrastinates and wished they had put in the time and effort.








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