When it comes to diet you have 3 types of people….

People who are ALWAYS HUNGRY

People who are NEVER HUNGRY

And many who fall somewhere in between.

There are strategies for each of these groups to employ to allow for them to eat in a way that helps them reach their goals.

So lets break down which foods are the most filling and what we can do with that information depending on which category we fall into.

Most filling to least filling foods

Number 1-Vegetables-try to eat 1000 calories worth of veggies…you’ll be stuffed! (Unless you add a bunch of salad dressing, which is a fat!)

Number 2-Fruits-slightly more calories but still very filling per calorie

Number 3-Proteins and Whole Grains-are equal but were starting to get a little bit more calories per serving than vegetables and fruits.

Number 4-Junk food-high calorie and very low food volume

Number 5-Fats-the highest calories per serving (even from healthy options) and very small serving size!

Ok so what do we do with this information?

If you are ALWAYS HUNGRY, eat foods higher up on the scale most often. Vegetables, fruits, and lean meats.

If you are NEVER HUNGRY, eat more protein, whole grains, and fats with some junk foods to help you out. This doesn’t mean to completely eliminate fruits and vegetables but cut down slightly on the quantity so you can eat the amount of food you need to for your goal!

And for those of you who fall somewhere in between, eat a good balance of vegetables, fruits, protein and whole grains, and dabble in the junk food and fats as you see fit for your goal!

I hope this information helps you reach your goal and as always if you need any help with your nutritional plan feel free to reach out!