Once you have reached your goal of leanness some of you may want to move onto putting on some more muscle…

And for everyone, except beginners, we are going to have to have a designated phase for muscle building.


What is Muscle Building Phase?

This is a phase where we eat above our maintenance calories to add lean muscle mass.

If you have done a Maintenance Phase you can add 250 calories on top of your maintenance calories to start adding muscle.

If you have never done a Maintenance Phase you can multiply your body weight times 16 and that should be a rough amount of calories to eat to start your Muscle Building Phase!

When should you start a Muscle Building Phase?

Once men have reached 10% body fat and women have reached 17% body fat we can now start Muscle Building Phase.

The reason we want to wait until we get to this level of leanness is because during a Muscle Building Phase you will put on body fat along with the muscle you build.  Starting a muscle building phase at too high of a body fat percent will cause you to put on too much body fat for health.

How long should a Muscle Building Phase last?

Once men have reached 15% body fat and women have reached 24% body fat it is time to stop a Muscle Building Phase.

Once you have finished a Muscle Building Phase its a great time to go into Fat Loss Phase and get off any extra body fat you gained while maintaining the new muscle that you’ve built!

How much weight should you gain per week in a Muscle Building Phase?

We are looking to add about .25-.5lbs per week during a Muscle Building Phase.

If you gain weight too quickly the likelihood that you are gaining too much body fat goes up quite a bit.  Slow and steady progress is better than putting on lots of body fat and only a little muscle.  


If you have any questions or would like some more guidance on starting your nutrition journey feel free to reach out for any help!

Coach Jonathan