Breathing is like running…just because we can do it, doesn’t mean we’re performing it optimally for long term health or optimal performance. After reading “The Oxygen Advantage”, we should look at our breathing as important as we see our nutrition. It is often said “the mouth is for eating, the nose is for breathing.”

Here’s a couple reasons why we should be implementing nasal breathing into our workouts that can benefit us.

  1. Nasal breathing will optimize your breathing position, when we breathe through our mouth we depend on secondary muscles (pecs,traps,neck muscles). When we rely on these muscles to perform work, it’s an example of non optimized movement. 

So if asked to do a thruster and you’re breathing out of your nose, you’re more likely to put out a lot less energy than someone who is not nasal breathing because they’d be using all the secondary muscles to just breathe through the thruster. You might not notice in minute 1 or 2 or even 3  the effects of breathing poorly through your mouth but by minute 10 you will definitely feel the effects of it.

        2.You always want to have the gas exchange between oxygen and co2 in your body at an optimal balance, especially during exercise. When you breathe too quickly or shallow through your mouth, which happens often during workouts, you lose too much co2. Then the level of co2 in your blood becomes too low to be able to deliver enough oxygen to your cells, muscles & organs. That is oxygen your body needs especially when you’re working out. 

We should all practice nasal breathing daily, whether it be in workouts or simply during everyday tasks! Thanks to nasal breathing we can last longer during workouts or even simple tasks.