In just 3 months of nutrition coaching & CrossFit Nellie has…

Lost 10lbs

Lost 5.5% body fat 

& gained about 6lbs of muscle as well as a whole lot of confidence!

Nellie started here at CrossFit Saved when we started our 3 month Nutrition challenge in February, In which she won first place!

We asked Nellie a few questions about her journey, here’s what she had to say:


What have you learned the most in the process?

“I’ve learned that even small changes can make a difference, I just needed to start and be consistent. Something my husband’s been trying to tell me for years. It definitely helps to work out with my kids who motivate me and coach me.”

What was your biggest struggle?

“At first it was the fear of not being able to keep up, or even do the exercises.  Pulling up my own body weight is the hardest. But I love how the exercises can be scaled, so as long as I try and keep pushing, I can’t fail.  Those bands really help, without them I would never know what the top of a pull up bar looks like, but one day I’ll get there on my own.”