Hey ya’ll next week we are starting something new for our general warm ups!

We will be implementing 2 new warms ups that we will be doing for the next 2-3 weeks.

Warm Up 1

3 Rounds For Quality

12 Overhead Squats (PVC or Barbell)

5-10 Chin Ups

5-10 Ring Dips

Warm Up 2

3 Rounds For Quality

16 DB Lunges

10 DB Rows

30s Handstand

The reason we will be doing the same general warm ups for the next 2-3 weeks is to give you all consistent exposure to these movements so you can see consistent progress on them.

If you come 5-6 days a week you will alternate daily which warm up you will choose.

If you come 3 days per week you will pick one of the warm ups to do for the whole 2-3 weeks so you get enough exposure to these movements and see improvements!

After 2-3 weeks we will make a change to the movements that we have in our warm up and choose new focuses for you to progress at!

Additional Resources For Warm Up 1

Overhead Squats


Options For Chin Ups


2-Jumping Negatives

Ring Dip Variations


1-30s Support Hold

2-Immature Dip

3-Intermediate Dip

4-Mature Dip

Additional Resources For Warm Up 2



1-Partial Wall Walk

2-Wall Walk

3-Kick Up

4-Kick Up and Find Balance Off Wall

5-Freestanding Practice

Coach John