Food quality is the first place to start whenever starting a diet plan.  The types of food you eat can make or break you.

CrossFit says to eat Meat and Veggies, Nuts and Seeds, Some Fruit, A Little Starch, No Sugar!

Here is our list of allowed foods for this challenge. These are foods that we think are the best for you and your health.  



Food quantity will cover how much food you will eat each meal and each day.

CrossFit says to keep intake levels that support exercise and not fat.

Two ways we will go about doing this

Option 1 is the Earn Your Carbs Model

3 Meals Per Day

1-2 Palms of Protein

2 Hanfuls of Vegetables

1 Serving of Fat

-1/2 Avocado

-1-2 Tablespoons of Healthy Oil or Nut Butter

-1 Closed Fist of Nuts

Post Workout Meal (only)

1-2 Handfuls of Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates and high fat processed foods tend to be the foods that people over eat the most.  This diet eliminates that all together and has you eating highly nutritious, lower calorie food.

Option 2 Macro Counting

You will track in an app (My Fitness Pal or My Macros) your Protein and your Calories.

Your Protein will be set at your goal body weight and your Calories will be set at 12 x your goal body weight.

For example a person with a goal of being 150lbs would set there Protein to 150 and their Calories to 1800.

You must be within 10g of your protein and 100 calories of your calories.

We are going to leave it here for now and if you have any questions feel free to ask any of your coaches before or after classes.

We will also be reviewing these the day the challenge starts and answering any questions you may have.