Often our post have to do with losing weight…

And that’s mostly because that’s the glaring problem in our country. 

But we do have some that have reached their weight loss goals and now want to put on some lean muscle!

So here’s our blueprint!

Once you’ve reached 8-12% body fat for men and 15-20% for women this is a good time to think about bulking if muscle gaining is something you want. 

Once you are at these percentages you are lean enough and prime to build muscle. 

To build muscle you need to eat more and potentially do some more heavy lifting but here’s the diet side and if you have questions about the lifting let us know!

Take your maintenance calories and multiply them 110%. 

With those calories set your macros to 

25% protein

55% carbs

20% fat

The reason we want carbs so high is so you can eat more food more easily and carbs are the easiest macros to eat more of!

Once you’ve reached 14-16% body fat for men and 20-22% for women it’s time to cut back down to 8-12% for men and 15-20% for women. 

The reason we choose these percentages is once you get over 16% for men and 22% for women you can start to lose motivation with how your physique may be looking. 

Too much body fat hurts performance and can be demotivating when coming from a leaner body. 

If this is where you’re at right now and want to do some muscle building…

Go for it!

You can rinse and repeat this process as many times as you’d like until you reach the desired amount of muscle that you would want!

If you need some help setting up a muscle building diet…shoot us a message and we can help you out!