Ends July 1st


We will have a workout and a BBQ after at the gym

Scoring Points:

1 Points-For each day BOTH PARTNERS follow Whole30 or Macros

Whole 30


You must be within 10g on your protein, carbs, and fats each and every day.  If you do not know what macros is do Whole 30 or ask about it so I can get you set up with it.  (P.S. it involves weighing and measuring every piece of food you eat)

1 Point-For each day BOTH PARTNERS workout


Part 1

20 Minutes to finds a 1 rep max DEADLIFT

Part 2

Partner Workout

For Time

200m Run (Each)

40 Power Cleans

80 Bar Facing Burpees

200m Run (Each)

40 Shoulder to Overhead

80 Air Squats

How You Win

Scoring will be based of

How much you deadlift as a team

Your time on the workout as a team

How many points you score as a team

How many inches you lose as a team

Travel WODS

(at home workouts)

Travel WODs

You must get in workouts 5 days per week…here is a list of workouts that you can do at home with no equipment!