In the process of learning how to run my business I have read quite a few books in hopes to find the magical secret to success (conclusion: there are non except hard work). The one that has had the greatest impact on how a business (and my life) should be run and what makes a business great is Good To Great by Jim Collins. In the book he brings up a point that all great businesses have something in common, they all ferociously stick to their hedgehog concept.


If you have heard this term before and implement it you are ahead of the game. Knowing this concept (that I will get to in a second) helps direct you in how you should drive not only your business but many other aspects of your life.


The concept is this, all decisions should be made from 3 different and distinct categories: What are you DEEPLY passionate about, what can you be the BEST in the world at, and what DRIVES your economic engine.








Now you might be asking, “this is a gym, what do I care about business? I just want to get in shape.”


This can be applied to fitness just like it can be applied to business.


The majority of the fitness world does not get the results that they truly want.


Why is that?


They go about their fitness journey the same way a bad-goodish company goes about running their business.


They never develop a love for what it is they are doing; it is always a means to and end, never a lifestyle. If you do not enjoy whatever fitness program you are following chances are it will be tough to stick with it for a lifetime.


Find something you are passion about and that makes you a better.


Now as far as what can you be the best in the world at…Not many of us are looking to be the best in a particular sport or discipline but there are things we can strive to be the best in the world at that does not require us putting in 40 hours a week like professional athletes do.


What about integrity in your workouts? What I mean by that is lets say you have mobility/stretching to do post workout (that definitely makes you better and helps stave off injury) and you decide to skip it because its not as sexy as lifting heavy weights or getting super sweaty.


Or how about endurance? Endurance to stick with the plan you set. The diet that you know will get you the results you want long after you set the goal, the daily workouts that you are now a month into. Can you be the best in the world at sticking to the plan long after the DRIVE has worn off?


Both of those are just a few examples of what you should be striving for when you are following any fitness program. You do not have to be the best athlete, be the strongest, or the slimmest, you just have to do everything to the best of your ability right then and the rest will come.


How you approach everything that you do in life is important. Do the things that you are passionate about, and remove everything that is not inline with those things. And strive to be the best in the world and maybe one day you will be!


If you do those things, you won’t be like everyone else at the gym, or life for that matter!


Here at CrossFit Saved we are striving to be the best we can and know that each day is a step in that direction. Every day isn’t going to be perfect but it is a step in the right direction.


Enjoy the process and if you aren’t, find one you will enjoy.