Olympic lifting is one of the toughest to perfect as CrossFitters. It requires accuracy with technique, power, strength, coordination, balance, and speed to get the movement just right.

In part 1 we are going to cover the first pull from the ground.

Everything starts with the set up.

Here’s how we can have a great set up:

Step 1-Bar Placement And Stance
In the set up the bar should be over where your toes start. Also at the start your shoulders should be in line with the bar.

Step 2-Grip
Your grip should be just outside shoulder with for clean and for the snatch the grip should be set where if you were standing with the bar it would rest at your hip.

Step 3-Gaze
At the start your eyes should be looking straight ahead and chest up.

Ok that covers the set up.

Now that we have covered the set up let’s get to the first pull.

The first pull is all about getting into the right position to have a great second pull.

Here’s how we can have a great first pull:

First Pull Step 1-Controlled Speed Off The Ground.
This is not a fast pull. This pull is all about getting into the correct position for the second pull which is vary fast.

First Pull Step 2-Push The Knees Back
As you ascend moving the knees out of the way and transitioning the shoulders from in line with the bar to now over the bar.

First Pull Step 3-Keep The Bar Close
As you pull from the ground this is most often where the bar gets away from people. As you are pulling the bar from the ground the bar should be sweeping back into your legs/body. Often times the bar travels straight up for athletes and the bar ends up too far from their body.

-Coach John