Food is where we get our energy for life!

It’s important to remember that what we eat will dictate how we feel emotionally and physically. If you eat poorly then you’re gonna feel poorly! We should be optimizing our lives everyday by fueling our bodies with food that will help us function at high levels!

In order to do this you will need to address good quality in some way.

Go grocery shopping, and shop on the outer edge of the store. Steer clear of heavily processed foods. Address food quantity in some type of way.

Follow a diet plan, whole 30, hand eye method, or take a jab at counting your macros!

Lastly, investigate your food habits, beliefs, and behaviors around food. Do some research about the foods you like, you might find out that some of them arnt as healthy as you thought!

Shift your mindset from eating less is better and start eating more of foods that will supply your body with